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Episode 87 — Pat Flynn — Superfans: How to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business

"More than just like the product, it's the feeling. I know in my brand, I try to make people feel like a lot of this stuff is not as overwhelming as it may seem. So they might go elsewhere and go, ‘Wow, Pat, you've been able to deconstruct this in a way that allows me to actually be able to start a podcast or to be able to start a business in a way that I never thought was possible for me.’" - Pat Flynn

  • What inspired Pat Flynn to become an entrepreneur?
  • Why should you identify your entrepreneurial “superpower” — and how to do it?
  • What does “immersive empathy" mean?
  • How significant is scaling your business or brand?
  • What are the benefits of quality over quantity?

A Helping Hand

Once an architect, now an entrepreneur, Pat Flynn has forged a path for himself by creating opportunities for others. Through his work on the Smart Passive Income Blog and the Green Exam Academy, Pat has helped millions of people around the world increase their financial freedom and achieve their goals.

As an author, Flynn has found widespread success through his books "Will It Fly?" which was a Wall Street Journal best-seller, and most recently "Superfans," a guide on how to turn customers into champions for your business. He's also firmly planted his flag across a variety of mediums, from webinars and blogs to online courses. Pat's goal, above all else, is to help people become their best selves.

Special Delivery

Pat has dealt with businesses big and small and knows they're all unique. As he puts it, "Every company has a different hit song, and every company has a different client base that likely has different lyrics that they could respond to." But in Pat's eyes, the key to any business is to understand the customer and make them feel special. This exercise in what Pat calls "immersive empathy" can pay huge dividends because it leads to an audience that is active instead of casual and builds a community that has value beyond your product.

In our discussion, Pat tells us the methods he uses to make customers feel special, how to identify and engage your entrepreneurial superpower, and the aspect of business where he sees most entrepreneurs fall short.

Key takeaways:

  • Personalize: Make your audience feel special.
  • Have High Standards: Quality over quantity.
  • Unleash your Superpower: Don't be afraid to work to your strengths.

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