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Episode 84 — Legal Power Players: LIVE from the Game Changers Summit 3

"You have to engage and connect with your clients, because at the end of the day it's that experience they have. You can get them a fantastic settlement verdict. You can do that for them, but they're going to remember how you treated them during that process." - Roopal Luhana

  • Why is the digital age so apparent in the practice of law?
  • What are the best ways to approach engaging with your clients?
  • Why is it important to differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • How significant is credibility?
  • How is the legal industry changing?

A Strong Core: Our Distinguished Panelists

Joe Fried, Roopal Luhana, Alexander Shunnarah, and Harlan Schillinger are four individuals changing the game. From truck law to medical litigation, each of these figures does the best thing for the right cause. They all know that strong core values go a long way in the legal game, and aligning those values with your practice will have results for both your community and your bottom line.

Roopal Luhana has litigated significant cases nationwide and has settlements up to $586 million in medical malpractice and fraud, in addition to being a leading voice for increasing diversity in industry leadership positions.

Joe Fried is one of the original truck crash lawyers in the US and has litigated cases in over 35 states, carving out an innovative niche as he fights for trucker safety.

Alexander Shunnarah is ubiquitous and synonymous with amazing personal injury results across numerous Southern states.

Harlan Schillinger, the “father of law firm advertising,” pioneered the field we work in today.

Each of these names has made a monumental difference to the lives of many — and they’re just getting started.

Reputation is Everything: The Importance of Credibility

To acquire cases, you have to build relationships, and for people to trust you, as Roopal says, you must treat clients like family. Connecting with clients is arguably the hardest part of the job. But providing a personable experience that’s informative and engaging reaches beyond just the clients involved in a case — it develops a reputation for your business.

Harlan says that "brand is what they think of you when you're out of the room." We look at the power of credibility, the purpose of change and we take a step forward and look at what’s shifting in the current legal industry.

Drive: Making a Difference

When a case is closed, what does it all mean? Have you made a difference? Have lives been changed? These are all questions our panelists face each and every day. Joe Fried doesn’t worry about competing with other attorneys. Outside of the courtroom, Joe's focus has shifted to the mental health of those he works with, both clients and colleagues.

Roopal Luhana intends to hold companies accountable for their moral dishonesty. The Zantac litigation, a high profile case Roopal led, outlines the immoral behavior of companies on a global level. Providing secure foundations for those in need — whether they’re clients, employees, or colleagues — is the mark of a true game changer.

Key takeaways:

  • Credibility: Commit to the cause and display authenticity.
  • Respect: Make change through action.
  • Connection: Truly understand your clients and be honest.

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