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Episode 120 — Best of Season 3: Q2

Leaders who change the game go all in and possess an unwavering clarity of direction. They challenge the status quo, embrace creativity, ignore the haters, and drop into heightened states of flow. But how do we experience — and tap into — these qualitative characteristics? How can we harness their potential to build a stronger practice and a better life? To explain is one thing. To learn firsthand is another entirely.

You might not be able to grab coffee with Kevin O'Leary or pick the brain of Steven Kotler, but we give you the next best thing. Each week on The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, we deliver exclusive insights and inspiring tales from thought leaders and world shakers. Today, we look back at some of the best insights from our guests over the past quarter.

Renowned trucking attorney David Craig maps the road to success. With hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries, he draws on the principles of consistency and perseverance. 

Jesse Cole, the greatest showman in baseball, transformed a floundering team into sold-out stadiums by putting fans at the center of every decision. 

Entrepreneur and Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank Kevin O'Leary discusses the merits of chasing freedom over wealth. 

Best-selling author and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective Steven Kotler offers inspiring, research-backed wisdom: every impossible feat started with an ordinary person. As you push beyond your limits, extraordinary is what happens along the way.

Invest in Others Wisely

Ideas worthy of investment require more than a spark of imagination. Kevin O'Leary knows from experience that great Ideas are a dime a dozen, and ideas that lack execution will never deliver a return on investment. To be truly exceptional you need both elements: the great idea and the ability to make the idea a reality.

To attract and retain top talent — from team members to vendor partners — build deep bonds. Connections made to last require frequent deposits of trust. Trust takes time and dedication. To get the best results, ride the ups and the downs. Care about the people in your network in a human way. At David Craig's firm, it is not uncommon for former team members to return or to seek an alternate position within the organization best suited to their strengths.

Break the Mold

Following the status quo is a race to the bottom. Observe the crowd and do the opposite. Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas, threw caution to the wind and asked the most important question: What do fans want — that they are not yet aware of?  

Fifteen years of experiments led him to anticipate the needs fans did not even know they had. No advertisements, all-inclusive tickets, dad bod cheer squads, and 7th inning singalongs all add entertainment value that keeps revenue in the millions. 

How can your firm better anticipate and meet the needs of clients?

The Best at Work

The difference between ordinary and accomplishing the impossible comes down to two factors: how well you work with your biology and how frequently you drop into the flow state. To get to the next level, Steven Kotler, Director of the Flow Research Collective, gives the difference to fear. Small amounts give you focus for free. Too much and you're paralyzed. Mitigate excessive fear through meditation, exercise, and gratitude practice. Reset the nervous system and lower anxiety.

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