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Episode 112 — Mid-Season Mashup: Shatter the Status Quo

The Game Changing Attorney Podcast is for leaders ready to level up. For the passionate and engaged. The peak performer. Tenacious fighter. Creative connector. Industry disruptor. Game changer. For you.  

Today we look back at some of the most inspiring and insightful conversations this year — so far. We showcase leaders with long-term vision, the courage to stand their ground, and prevail in the face of extreme adversity. We hear from best-selling authors, an Emmy-award-winning director, and a top-performing attorney. Learn from their stories. 

No Excuses

Leadership — and the pressure that comes with it — is a privilege. But getting it right can be a challenge. Michael Mogill built Crisp on the solid foundations of positive urgency, accountability, integrity, and transparency. His advice? Shed secrets. Hide nothing. Help others. 

Take an honest and accountable look within. Identify opportunities to grow. Andre Norman transformed his prison sentence into a Harvard fellowship and is on a mission to end mass incarceration. 

To get to where they are, both Michael and Andre had to dig deep within themselves and shift both internal and external worldviews. It was not easy. The payoff — building something of value that no one can take from them — is well worth the price of admission. 

Clear Communication 

Clear, direct, and honest. Communication is our most effective tool, and to be effective, it must be honed often. When over half of all marriages end, divorce attorney Laura Wasser sees miscommunication as the root cause. To build a lasting partnership, she advises establishing good communication habits in the good times to get through the bad — and when dissolving the relationship is inevitable, she helps smooth the process. 

Fear of Failure

A blessing and a curse. The fear of failure is the fuel of humans who become legends. Emmy-winning director Jason Hehir equates the greats like Michael Jordan and Andre the Giant to sharks — always facing forward. Jason faces a unique challenge: getting the greats to pause, look back at all they have accomplished, and be proud of how far they've come. As you build your firm, remember to look around once in a while.

The cure for failure is persistence — and perspective. As Dorie Clark, best-selling author, notes: When we try to take our firms and businesses to places that we've never been, it can feel scary and our expectations can be way off. Law firm owners can point to metrics like revenue growth to set expectations, but they may not be correct. Models and examples of successful firms already exist. Reach out to others for a more realistic scope, and keep moving forward.

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