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Episode 107 — Randi McGinn — Authenticity is the Advantage

"She who tells the best story wins. That's how it works. That's the secret to winning cases.” - Randi McGinn

  • What is it about Randi McGinn that has led to a 95% success rate?
  • What went through Randi's head when she gave birth the day before taking the three-day bar exam?
  • Of the dozen women who graduated law school with Randi, why are so few left practicing law?
  • What makes Randi such an incredible lawyer?
  • How does Randi shake off a loss?
  • What can be done to break down the authenticity barrier for women attorneys?

Excellence and Dedication

Randi McGinn is one of the most accomplished trial lawyers on the planet. She has tried over 130 cases over her 40-year career — and won 127 of them. She is also the first female president of Inner Circle of Advocates, a group of the 100 best trial lawyers in the US. 

When Randi wins, it’s not just about getting the largest monetary restitution. She advocates for transformative law, holding companies responsible for changes so that the tragedies their negligence caused never happen again.

In this episode, Randi digs deep into how her team gets the evidence to tell a case-winning story. She also discusses authenticity in the courtroom, growing her firm, and what the future of women in law looks like.

Getting Back Up

Practice losing by playing sports. When Randi was growing up, sports were not available to women. The classroom was the only place to compete. Study hard. Get an A. But this competition would not prepare them for trial. The result?

"Many of the women quit after they lost their first case because they thought it was them — that they hadn't worked hard enough or hadn't done it right, when in fact if you've played sports, like I got to do, you learn that losing isn't always your fault." - Randi McGinn

Learning to lose a case is just as important as learning to win. To lose well, understand it is not always your fault — and you certainly don't have to like it. Get mad. Take a breath. Learn what you can. And get back up.

Key Takeaways

  • Hire slow. A panic hire kept on board will cost time, money, and peace of mind. Take the time to see if an employee is a good fit. Evaluate throughout the trial period.
  • Tell tall tales. Great trial lawyers are, at their core, storytellers. Brush up on your skills by keeping a child entertained. The skills are transferable.
  • Build a foundation. Try 10 cases before working on the finer points like being a great speaker and persuasive arguments. Learn the law of the courtroom.

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