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Episode 79 — Sean Claggett — Fewer Cases, More Success: How Focus and Hard Work Lead to Wins

"I really do believe at the end of the day, we do make the community safer. There are industry changes that happened because of what we do." - Sean Claggett

  • How do lawyers know when they're ready to take a case to trial?
  • Why are focus groups so significant when going to trial?
  • How important is trial preparation?
  • What makes a good trial lawyer?

From the Ground Up

As an established personal injury attorney, Sean Claggett knows how to win a case. With an abundance of success across more than 15 years of professional practice, Sean has received many accolades. From being listed in the 2020 Top 10 accident and injury lawyers in Elko, to the 2017 Trial Lawyer of The Year, he's certainly made a name for himself.

Hailing from Twin Falls, Idaho, Sean has always stood up for what is right. From schoolyard altercations to multi-million dollar cases, he's firmly rooted his beliefs in justice and doing the right thing. In 2005, he and fellow partner William Sykes set up their firm, and 16 years later have nothing but sparkling reviews.

In 2016, according to Courtroom View Network, Sean had the fourth most influential verdict in the United States, highlighting his commitment to the cause. In 2020 he was added to the “Who We're Watching” list (once again) by the Courtroom View Network, and with a $38,750,000 verdict obtained in a case this year, he's proven time and time again his ability to deliver on all fronts.

Winning is Sean's middle name.

The Art of Hard Work

As a law firm frontrunner, Claggett & Sykes brings justice and joy to many people, yet Sean's rise to the top hasn't been easy sailing. Sean says, "I've done every job in this firm out of necessity when I was building it. You lead by doing what needs to be done." Not only is that impressive, but shows a distinct knack for leadership, something that's made him a major player in the legal industry.

We look at some of Sean's biggest cases, what it takes to win a trial, and what it means to be on the winning side. We get emotional by exploring some of the heartbreaking details Sean has to deal with on a daily basis and understanding what it means to all those involved throughout the process. We also look at the significance of preparation and how to stay ahead of the courtroom curve, and we take a look at finance through exponential settlements. Last but not least, we dive deeper into the person behind the suit and what he brings to the table.

Do the Right Thing

Sean always fights for the right cause. Sean describes one of his most recent cases as an "emotional low." With the verdict not including punitive damages, he and the victim's family both felt cheated. But through the rollercoaster of emotions faced in the courtroom, Sean remains supportive and will push for the best result. He says, "I'm in a fortunate position that I don't need to do this anymore." Yet through his sheer desire to demand vindication, Sean sets a strong example.

Sean shares some of his toughest cases, both strategically and emotionally. He speaks of how "there'd be no access to justice" without well-structured contingency work, and while winning cases is an everyday occurrence for a top trial lawyer, regaining livelihoods with a touch of TLC is why Sean is head and shoulders above the crowd.

Key takeaways:

  • Preparation: Being prepared from the start will always keep you one step ahead.
  • Taking the lead: Leading by example will rub off on those around you.
  • Gratification: Enjoying the small wins makes a big difference.

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