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Episode 77 — Best of Season 2: Q3

Being a game changing attorney is about more than just what you do in the courtroom. True game changers understand what it takes to push the boundaries of what's possible — whether that's in business, sport, law, or any other field.

That’s why we present to you conversations with innovators across the spectrum. Topics to broaden your horizons and deepen your perspective. To shake things up, you need to look outside the legal profession.

This quarter we’ve talked to motivational speakers, endurance athletes, best-selling authors, and of course, Hall of Fame attorneys. They each bring different insights to the table. They express their passions, expound their stories, and give you the tools to law and in life.

We’ve extracted the season's highlights. In this Best of Q3 episode, we revisit the most prominent conversations of the past few months. From NBA to talk show, from the courtroom to the top of the mountain, these stories are timeless and the advice invaluable.

In this episode:

  • John Morgan on how to envisage success and build a tight-knit organization
  • Mike Papantonio on breaking away from the mold by pursuing your passion
  • Brian Panish on the importance of understanding your surroundings to match your competitors
  • Tim Grover on dealing with setbacks and taking the win
  • Mark Manson on being fearless through facing change
  • James Lawrence on developing resilience and building strong foundations
  • Colin O'Brady on finding the finish line by thriving on competition

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